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American Daydreams

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Added on April 29, 2013 by XGuest Reviewer

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Whats featured on American Daydreams is sexually frustrated people who doze off to play out their deepest sexual desires, usually influenced by something happening in their lives. Were allowed in on these daydreams that feature all the hottest stars of various types that change from scene to scene as do the sexual situations.

"Get access to some wild fantasies in this self-aware site!"




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American Daydreams Full Review

ReviewerMost of the scenarios in porn are just pure fantasies, they are dreams people have when similar situations (hot boss, new neighbor) dont lead to an intense fuck session. These scenes are the daydreams in American Daydreams, one of the many sites on the Naughty America network. The scenes start off with a common set up which does not lead to anything, then the disappointed main character will doze off and imagine the situation they were just in playing out differently, in a way that leads to them going at it like animals. Both male and female characters can be the daydreamer and pretty much anything can be daydreamed about.

Whats great about this site it that because the theme is so broad that means a wide variety of niches can be explored as well as more experimental, self-aware ideas. While on an intellectual level this may be exciting but what about the important stuff? Is it good porn? I have to say yes. The fact that these are day dreams gives an added sense of depth and a deeper connection between the viewers and the main characters of the scenes. We are with them, just as sexually frustrated, enjoying the daydreams just as much as they do. Its nice to see characters that desire threesomes with random people they just met as much as regular people do.

One episode I particularly liked featured the hot girl next door Allie Haze who is playing a housewife readying herself and the bedroom for her husbands return from work on their anniversary. He comes home in a pissy mood and needless to say, leaves her sexually unsatisfied. She cries herself to sleep but in her dream her anniversary goes well as she gets to hop on her husbands excited dick. I find the stories add to the sex parts in this series.

The more recent scenes can be had in many different types of files that range in file size depending on what you like and can use. There are three levels of MP4s (480p, 720p, and 1080p the highest), a normal and DVD quality level WMVs, QuickTime format, and mobile version. There is even an on the go version of each scene made for the current generation that are only five minutes in length for when you are on the bus or wherever and need your quick, mobile fix of quality porn.

Recently the sites membership costs have decreased from $24.95 to $17.76 a month, which is such an amazing price since you not only get to watch American Daydreams, you also get access to Naughty America. I repeat, everything, even the archived live cam shows. Not only that, but you also get discounts to other sites if you so choose to venture out.

American Daydreams as a site unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired despite its potential. Right now I see it more as just a nice little corner of the Naughty America network as opposed to a site that can stand on its own. It seems that the people at Naughty America feel this way too as while the site has been going on since the early years of the site, updates are infrequent compared to other sites featured on Naughty America.


Since the site has been around for quite some time, the quality reflects its age in the early scenes and improves as the videos become more current. Depending on whether youre watching early scenes or more current ones determines whether they are available in normal WMV or high def options.


There is a wide range of content featuring many types of girls getting fucked in many different ways. The only constant is that the scene is just a daydream one of the characters is having. The situations vary from mean boss to sexy new pool boy to uninterested husband.


The wide variety of content as well as the more honest portrayal of porn situations are a plus. But thankfully the site gives access to the rest of the Naughty America site and its super wide variety of content as this probably could not stand on its own.


The lack of recent updates is the main reason the site probably does not stand alone. The older videos also look poor when compared to the newer ones which are shot with the best equipment available.

Pricing & Bonus

A subscription to the site has recently been discounted from $24.95 to $17.76 a month. You will get thousands of hours of videos as well as some decent discounts to other sites affiliated with Naughty America.


Overall this site has a lot of potential but it seems like it is not the highest priority for Naughty America which is a shame. Thankfully they still do updates as opposed to other sites left in the dust. This site is more of a bonus to Naughty America as opposed to a standalone site.

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