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Added on August 30, 2011 by Luke Preston

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Alternate Dudes is new and it is doing something new. Leaping on the recent bandwagon of Emo boys, punks and guys with an alternative look and style type sites, it is bringing us the kind of guys you don't normally find on adult sites. That's not to say they are not good looking or anything, simply something other than the norm. And so, with its good quality movies and its galleries it gives us a chance to view something unique.

"Sometimes very alternative looking guys, but always hot"




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Alternadudes Full Review

ReviewerThe first thing you notice about the members area is that it has a really neat design. You may need to click the login tab at the top right of the first page you come to as you actually enter a members sample page when you first hit the members link on the tour. One that's done though you are into the wonderful world of Alternate Dudes.

And yes, the site does present us with the kinds of guys you very rarely see on other sites. These are not smooth twinks, top models, muscled studs and shaved-down guys with swimmers builds and the like. They are hairy, they have long hair and piercings, they are Latino, they are white guys, and there is at least one pierced black dude in here too. So it's a good mix of alternative looking men. But the sex is standard. I don't mean it's not compelling to view or that it's not well made, I mean that you have your fair share of solo jerk off scenes and hardcore ones, only with some very different looking guys.

You can find them all in the model index, or you can go straight to the episodes. Here you find that you get good viewing options. You can download in various players and in a couple of qualities each. There is also a Flash streaming version which buffers and plays pretty quickly. Run times vary, as do locations and the kind of action that takes place. But you'll know what to expect from the descriptions and the sample pics. It's neat stuff and very rewarding to view. The site does something else that's original too, though not unique. It presents you with music videos of some of the guys. Here you can find some chat and interviews, so you can get to know your dudes a little better. These music videos are a mix of music, natural sounds, inventive filming and production techniques, like a pop video, and they show you the hotter parts from the full length action scenes. A neat little extra.

Images tend to look like large screen caps on occasions and there are not too many of them in each episode. Some image sets hold pics that click up to 950 x 535 in size and you can run slideshows. As with the videos you're invited to rate each pic or set and to leave comments on what you thought of what you've just seen. You can also add things to your favourites area and you'll find that getting back home, even from an individual image, is simple no tedious back-button use needed here.

The only things that I could think of that was missing were update dates. It would be good to know when the pieces were loaded up here so you knew when to check back in to see more. But there's no doubt that updates are going to happen regularly, so be prepared to click back in for more horny, alternative and refreshing to see hardcore.


Members can select between higher and lower quality versions of the movies and there is a good choice. The filming is fine, the sound is good, even the chosen music us hot to listen to. Navigation is very simple and the site has a great design to it and of course the men are perfect for what the site is about.


Ok, so not that many pieces of content as yet with only 24 scenes, but they are full length and run for a good length of time. The galleries don't have thousands of pics, usually around 35, but were looking at quality rather than quantity for the sake if it. There are over 218 great scenes to be had here.


The site is almost unique and that's the best thing about it. It is not your usual gay porn site because the guys really are alternative; and naturally so, they've not been dressed or made up to be who they are not. We also love the design and the viewing options and the fact that you can get interactive and involved.


Not many galleries and videos so far but that's because the site is new. Apart from that there is very little to moan about but some more update news with dates would be good.

Pricing & Bonus

You're paying a mid-range, standard monthly fee here and you're not yet getting much content for it. But you are getting exclusive and well made, unusual and hard to find content so that makes up for it and the site will, I hope, grow in time.


This really is a breath of fresh air in a world where slim twinks, muscled Americans and guys with porn star features usually abound. It makes a change to see unusually dressed, normal looking guys in natural and realistic scenes. And the site had wrapped all that up in a place that is really easy to use, interactive and well designed.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Alternadudes. Updated on August 29, 2013