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All Celeb Pass

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Added on December 11, 2009 by Missy

Review Summary

Are these the celebrities we all know and love getting naked and naughty, its hard to say either way? In going through the tour area of All Celeb Pass, so much of what they show, and the numbers are very high, look like the real deal, the upskirt shots, the boob fall-outs, etc., but then there are also claims that some of this footage will be fake, so I guess the moral of this sexual story is just have fun!

"You know the faces, now wish for the rest!"
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All Celeb Pass Full Review

ReviewerWelcome to the world of faces that have graced the big screen and your TV screen, through movies, sitcoms, and even entertainment reports that haven't always shown them in the best light, but they still, have left an impression. Their promiscuous ways put them in the lime-light, your fantasies put them in all sorts of positions, mostly sexual and hardcore. As if reading your mind, All Celeb Pass has stepped up to the plate and brought you the footage that will answer your arousal nicely, whether being the real deal or some faked filming, it will still feed your fantasies.

There are basically three sites to this part of the network, the part that concentrates on the celebrity factor, one being mostly fake, where they put a head to someone elses body, but actually, some of these transfers are done well enough, they are believable, and then another that will offer more of the authentic antics they have shared through their years in the public eye. Who can forget Paris Hilton and her blow job home movie, or, Britney Spears slinking out of the vehicle, her skirt riding up and showing the shock of no panties…and no pubes! They are going to tickle your urge to say, Ah-ha! I knew it! and a few other things while you're busy unzipping your fly as the thoughts are flowing throughout your mind.

Another installment carries the Anime sort of look to the lust, where they have cartooned the characters into some of the most naughty acts, and whether they're colored in by your favorite shades of ink or having Photoshop hide the details of alterations, All Celeb Pass is just about fun, thats the word I keep coming up with when thinking of their footage, just a good time, no though process of just letting your sexual organ rise with the belief and the beauty shown on the screen.

This entire network, well, there are so very many sites involved, please do know that you are going to have content coming out of the wazoo! As for the three specifics that follow our All Celeb Pass criteria, there is still a lot to look at as well. Im not overly fond of their layout, realizing there's a ton of temptation waiting behind each link, but I felt as though I was a hamster in a maze for the most part, it was not falling under my heading of user friendly, which of course made getting a total count virtually impossible. How Ive decided to rectify this issue is by taking what I did find, and comparing that to what was offered in their own text, and go with those numbers, because they are going to be close to right on the nose.

There's just something so….so… window-peek-ish about the footage here, like were seeing what we shouldn't be seeing, but, at the same time, we just cant stop looking. When you watching someone on your boob tube that becomes a fan favorite, you will eventually try to imagine them in a very hardcore display of dirtiness, and its fun to allow your mind to travel to those areas of naughtiness, and now, thanks to this site, they are feeding a frenzy that will only drive the imagination to greater heights.


The quality varies greatly between the three sites that pertained to the celebrity part of the network. It's pretty much what you would expect from an offering such as this, sometimes grainy because it's been shot from those with a camera that happened to be at the right place at the right time. Some are more clear and precise than others.


The numbers are high, not just from the direct sites that we're reviewing, but from the overall network itself, there are tons of bonuses that will boost your boner for many, many lonely nights that are spent between you and your lotion.


The most positive part of this site is the niche itself, it's fun, enjoyable and will feed your already present fantasies in regards to those stars that have struck you prior to the porn you find here. Whether it's real, fake or cartoon, it's all just going to be a good time.


The complaints I have are pretty much more from the view of a reviewer, and may not be that much of a hindrance for members, and that is the layout, it made getting a true count on content virtually impossible for me. There were different sorts of layouts, some almost like a newspaper or tabloid, others, like a normal site, a lot of variances.

Pricing & Bonus

There's no doubt you'll have enough material from this network to make your dollars seem as if they're not asking enough from you, there is a ton of content. From the intended three sites of the celebrity factor there is a lot, but when factoring in the huge amount of bonus sites, yes, you're more than getting your money's worth.


All Celeb Pass is pretty much as the title states, it's the celebrities you see on TV and in movies every day, but this time, they're being real people with real disclosures of dirtiness, well, at least from part of these sites it will be real, there's also fake content and cartoon work as well. Quality was ok, it's the niche that will sell this site.

Members Area Screen Shots

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