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Added on May 05, 2018 by Luke Preston

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Not everyone can be a pornstar, but we can all imagine we are, and there's no easier way than by slipping on a pair of VR goggles and watching VR porn. Over at 18 VR, they have over 50 exclusive VR movies for you and a new one each week. The girls you will be enjoying are young and sexy 18 + teens and early 20s babes, and everything is shot from your point of view. It's high quality and set up for all VR systems.

"A smooth, silky ride with a realistic porn experience"






Discounted Monthly Price

$14.95 Save 40%

Yearly Price

$71.40 $5.95 a month
Credit Card Credit Card      1 Cross sales, prechecked

53 Full Movie

Average length of 40 Mins
28000Kbps MP4
3840 x 2160

53 Picture Sets

5 Pics In Set
Screen Captures

18VR Full Review

ReviewerWhat's better than having a horny chick deal with your dick while you lie back and enjoy the spectacle? Not a lot really, unless she's 18 + young and totally into you. The scenes at 18 VR give you just that kind of high-class porn fantasy. They are filmed from your point of view, and you're a well-hung guy who gets away with doing very little. She might talk to you first, and then get her hands around your shaft, then her lips and then her pussy… She may invite a friend, as there are some threesomes scenes here, and so might you (there's one with two guys and one girl, so if you're into MMF threesomes, that's covered too).

The content is varied in that respect, I mean as in duos and threesomes, and some of the scenes have short setups to get the fantasy started. They all run for around 35 + minutes each, are well shot and POV, and come with good lighting and sound, so there are no quality worries. The girls are a good mix of blonde and brunette, all young-looking and keen, there's plenty of shaved pussy and cute ass on show, and everything is very realistic. It's also filmed in 4K HD, and the content is exclusive. Updates are once per week and have been regular since the site started.

There are 53 videos now, and they all come with the same viewing choices. You can stream in standard 2D, and in decent resolutions for online streaming, but you need to take the files and set them up on your VR facility to get the most out of them. Just about every kind of device I can think of is covered. There are files for Oculus/Vive in 4K and 5K HD, and then Gear VR, PlayStation VR and Daydream View, plus two mobile files in HD and one that lower resolution and only 30 fbs, whereas all other files are 60 fbs. File sizes can go up to over 8 Gbs, so be prepared for that.

Movies also come with a few pics to light the way, as it were, and you can give them a thumbs-up or down to rate them. They also have good descriptions and intros, so you get to know the babe and the story before you start and, to get to know the sexy kittens in more details, there is a model index where the girls have a bio each. There are 60 models there to choose from, and browsing through the sexy pics is another way to select a movie you want to see.

Navigation generally is simple, because there isn't actually that much to the site. You have the videos area, the homepage and the model index, and those are your main pages - with neatly numbered index pages to see you through. I had no navigation issues and no technical problems either. There are some links to cams and other site sign-ups, but they tend not to get in your way, and if they do, you just click them off. And there is also a community area for you, a forum that is well used by members, so there is interactivity.

If you are new to VR porn, don't worry. The site also comes with instructions and help, so you can always ask - and ask in the forum - and they send you a pair of cardboard VR goggles to get you started. On top of all that excellent news, 18 VR is currently on offer with a large discount and the price is down to virtually nothing; $14.95 per month of exclusive high-quality VR babe porn.


You expect VR porn to be high quality because it's shot in 4K HD, and the visual/sound quality here is excellent. But then so are the girls. They are nicely varied and always hungry for dick, they perform well, and they are well filmed too. The site is easy to use, has interactive functions and no technical issues.


18 VR has 53 exclusive VR movies now, all in HD, with various ways to view depending on what VR setup you have; everything is covered. You can also view lower res streams and mobile downloads, it's set up for mobile viewing, and a new scene is added each week. Scenes are around 35 minutes in length and come with five sample screencaps.


Not many VR sites have this number of videos because VR is still quite new, so you are getting excellent value for money. Now that there's this offer of under $15.00 per month, and that coupled with the exclusive VR content, means your value is even better. The site is easy to use and has a members' only forum to join in with.


There are no bonuses or additions to the site apart from the forum, and I found a few adverts here and there, some of which look like links to included content. Slower connections will have issues with these large files (Can't be helped), and a few more images to collect would be nice to see. There's nowhere to store your favourite movies.

Pricing & Bonus

From $24.95 down to $14.95 on offer, means you can save $10.00 - and they still send you cardboard goggles to get you started in VR. An annual membership brings the monthly price down to an amazing $5.95 per month (equivalent), and updates are weekly. There are no bonuses though, apart from a forum.


18 VR brings you 18-year-old babes (and some slightly older perhaps) in VR porn where you are the guy, and it's shot from your point of view. High quality with loads of different VR files to suit all, updated weekly, neatly designed with no technical issues, it's a smooth and silky ride into one of the most realistic porn experiences you're going to get.

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